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…Rang a psychic and asked for a reasonable price on a massive candle

Day 2Day Two

Well I must say, day one of my year long challenge to try something new each day seemed to go rather well.  I’ve now roughly figured out how this blogging works, and surprisingly some people are interested (I think).

So, day two and I’ve already run into a dilemma.

It was suggested that I ring a psychic and try to buy one of the candles they use (brilliant).  For some reason I’m quite nervous about it , I guess I’m worried they’ll say I’ll be hit by a bus or have an unknown cancer giving me only one week to live.  I feel my nervousness is ridiculous as I believe fortune telling is clearly nonsense.

By pure coincidence my mother is a professional psychic. She’s never given me a reading and, I’m afraid to say mother, I really don’t believe in it.  Unfortunately I don’t see my mother that often as my parents split up when I was very young (this blogging is getting deep already).  My dilemma is do I just phone her and ask for a candle, or is that cheating?  I decided it is cheating and wont help me be brave and ‘sparkly’.  So I turn to the internet…

I ring a lady called Margaret who I selected from a list of ‘readers’, basically she was the only one who doesn’t look like a psychopath.  Also Margaret had a great deal of the first 10 minutes for only £00.29p a minute – I spoke to her for 13 minutes and it cost £8.30!!

I approached it with an open-mind and was prepared to be ‘well read’, however I made a mistake straight off:

Magically Margret: and tell me Neil, why are you calling?

Sceptical Neil: Well Margret, I’ve challenged myself to do things I’ve never done before for a year.

Magically Margret: now that is interesting!

Now I’m not saying I gave her a big hint, but I really did.  After just asking for my date of birth this is what followed:

“You’re a positive strong person”

“You’ve got the courage of a lion” (I’m a Leo)

“you’re facing a big life change”

“If you’re going to do something, then now is the time to do it”

“you have a big move coming, it maybe work, home or something else”

“There’s going to be lots of new things happening to you”

I tried not to be cynically, even when she faulted occasionally:

Magically Margret: Your grandmother is coming through to me

Sceptical Neil: no, she is alive.

Magically Margret: oh, I mean on your Mother’s side.

Sceptical Neil: no, she is also alive.

Magically Margret: in that case, it’s someone before them. A victorian lady.

I knew it was all lies, but what surprised me as it continued was I enjoyed the lies and actually started feeling good about myself.  She said I had great friends around me, a brain in my head, I followed my heart, animals are sensitive towards me, in fact she even went as far to say I could be a spiritual healer.  It was all made up, although I can’t confirm 100% that Margret is indeed not magically, but I’m pretty sure it was all made up. But then I got to thinking that maybe it’s alright to tell strangers positive things, even if it is all made up, as I had an unexpected buzz of happiness afterwards.

So, in conclusion, maybe do give a psychic a ring for some uplifting lies.  But at £8.30 I’d say you’re better off ringing my mum; she’ll do you a good deal.

Margret DID say one thing that stayed in my head:  “When people crush you, you never forget.  You need to let it go”.  Perhaps she was talking about the shitty bar man who said I had no sparkle when I was 23, the comment that began this whole challenge to do new things .  Psychic or what?


P.S. She said they don’t use candles anymore, but she does hold a small crystal in her hand.  It appears even clairvoyancey has been modernised.


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