My friend Jon was holding a Thanksgiving party at his flat in London. I’ve never actually celebrated the American festive occasion before, I’m still not exactly sure what it’s a celebration of, but I felt it was an ideal opportunity to tick off another box on the long list of things I’ve never done.

Unfortunately when I arrived at the party it seemed no Americans had actually turned up. Jon was serving up some very tasty ‘chilli dogs’ but that seemed the closest we were going to get to a proper Thanksgiving.

I wasn’t totally satisfied I’d achieved something new, but luckily someone had brought a bar of chocolate that had pieces of salt and vinegar crisps in (or potato chips if we’re going to stick with the American theme) which I’d certainly never tried before.

Here is a very short video of me sampling the bizarrely flavoured confectionary. After I eat the chocolate you can see bits of the crisps in between my teeth, this makes me feel a bit ill so much so I nearly didn’t upload the video…oh well!


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