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…been to the cinema on my own

ImageDay Twenty-three

On day twenty-three I endured my first panicked rush to complete a new experience before the clock struck midnight – a bit like Sarah in the 1986 film Labyrinth, only I’m not a girl and David Bowie wasn’t chasing after me in a creepy way.

I’d pre-planned to attend a Swing class as it was something I’d never done before. I’d mentally prepared myself to look like an uncoordinated buffoon surrounded by coordinated types wiggling in a 1920’s dance fashion, however when I arrived for the class I discovered it’d been cancelled due to a problem with the venue.  Secretly I was a little relieved I didn’t have to dance like a hippo, or indeed any other animal that would look silly do the Lindy Hop, although not too relieved as I knew I’d have to try again the following week.

I had attempted to attend a Swing class but failed, and at the time contemplated if it would count as something new as I’d never before tried and failed to go Swinging (as in dancing, not as in car keys in a bowl sexy party). It really wouldn’t count and I knew it, so I had four hours until midnight to achieve something else or face failure so early into my challenge.

I had a quick drink with the two lovely dance class leaders – the experts of mass wiggling, the Sultans of Swing – to help them drown their sorrows over the venue’s double booking cockup. As we sat with our commiserative pints we started talking about films that were currently at the cinema, which is a standard first pint topic of conversation and usually a precursor to more gritty conversations after further alcohol has been consumed. As our confab about films continued it suddenly dawned on me that I’d never been to a cinema on my own; unbelievable.

I never really enjoy going to the movies with friends because afterwards I always wonder what’s the point in meeting up, sitting in silence in a dark room full of strangers for up to three hours and then just going home. I’m not a big fan of the cinema however it was about to avert a potentially crisis of failing I Have Never.  I checked for film listings on my iPhone, which has conveniently started getting slower since Apple have released a new model, and found a film that began in half an hour’s time in a cinema fifteen minutes away.  I downed my pint and heading off like I was Anneka Rice in an episode of Challenge Anneka (an early 90’s TV classic), although again I’m not a girl and I wasn’t being chased this time by a creepy cameraman.

Upon arriving at Hackney Picture House I pushed past all the trendy types with their funny hair to reach the Box Office just in time to read a sign saying:


So back I went on my now, for some reason and almost as if it knew it, even slower iPhone in a desperate search for any other films about to start nearby.  Luckily there was one last chance at another cinema about three miles away so, with the Challenge Anneka theme tune playing in my head, I ran back to the bus stop.

In true cliff hanger style I arrived at the cinema with one minute to spare. I sat in the dark room surrounded by silent strangers with the satisfaction I was about to undertake something new – great!

In the spirit of doing something I’ve never done before, here’s my first film review:

GRAVITY in 3D (2013)

Directed by Alfonso Cuarón. With Sandra Bullock, George Clooney.

I felt the script was a little lacklustre considering how few words are actually spoken during the ninety minute film. I wasn’t sure I enjoyed it at the time, but the more I thought about it afterwards the more I felt ‘yeah, I quite liked it’.

A visual feast.

3.45/5 stars


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