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…learnt how to setup a photo booth

Day 31Day Thirty-one

After thirty-one days of I Have Never, I finally got a part-time job which means I can now actually afford to partake in more new experiences (which is nice), but having to work does mean I’ll have to be a bit better at time management; a skill I have little time for.

I got a job with the Photo Emporium, who supply digital photo booths to corporate functions and wedding parties. The photo booths are very popular as most people these days are obsessed with photographically recording every single moment of their lives.  I remember a time when it was possible to do something without a friend sneakily taking a snap of you and then putting it on Twitter for the whole world to see. I also remember time when you’d take photos with a camera then have to wait a week for the images to be developed, only to discover you had your thumb over the lens for every single shot (but still had to pay for them). I also remember…actually I’ll stop with all this remembering as I’m probably starting to sound like a miserable old git, which I’m not.

My new job involves setting up a Photo booth at an event and then witnessing lots of images that many will regret the morning after their office party.  On day Thirty-one I learnt how to set-up and operate a Photo booth – nothing life changing but certainly something I’d never done before.

“Look at the birdie and smile”


P.S. if you want to hire me to demonstrate my new photo booth construction skills visit:


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