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…written a Haiku

Day 33

Day thirty-three

I’d never heard of a Haiku, but at least three people had suggested that perhaps it was something I’d never done before – I had to do it.

Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry and apparently many of my friends had written one at school.  As my year-long challenge continues, it’s becoming clearer that my school education may have been rubbish, or possibly I stared out the window during class a little too much.

I read on internet the rules on how to write a Haiku and was well confused, but after a good twenty minutes of scratching my head I got a grasp of the basics.  Here are the basics:

A haiku is a very short poem consisting of just seventeen syllables in total.

It is made up of three lines. The first line consists of five syllables, the second seven syllables and the third line, five syllables.

The poem should have, or suggest a seasonal theme.

There should be a ‘cut’, meaning two separate ideas in the poem that also seem to be linked.

To be honest I only attempted to come up with my masterpiece in ten minutes as I found the whole process frustrating and just wanted to get it done, but I did finally come up with one (well I think it’s a Haiku, otherwise I’ve totally misunderstood the rules). To be fair, it’s completely rubbish, but if I’d written this when I was 14 I would have thought I was a genius.  Here’s my Haiku:

Winds indifferent
An isolated leaf falls –
Through life man passes


4 thoughts on “…written a Haiku

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