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…Repaired Pom’s World War Two parachute bag

Day 36bDay Thirty-six

Sometimes, when I’m feeling slightly motivated, I will write down a list of things I need to do.  Once I’ve written the list that is normally as far as the motivation goes as I don’t actually complete the tasks on it.  Here is an example of a ‘To Do list’ that hasn’t been completed and is over a year old now:

Buy small rug for bedroom

Buy some kind of lamp

Fix and clean parachute bag

Reading this list is very boring, in fact just typing it out nearly made me fall asleep. I can see why I haven’t been motivated to complete this list before; two thirds of it consists of shopping which, being a typical man, I hate doing and the last part involves sewing, which I’m rubbish at, but in the spirit of doing new things I decided to tackle this list.  To be honest I have bought things before, it would be weird if I hadn’t, although I’d never tried to repair a World War Parachute before, arguably a piece of history, so on day thirty-six that was to be my new thing.

When I was a child I always called my granddad Pom-Pom.  I’m not sure why, but I think because I wasn’t smart enough to say the word granddad.  When I got older and as a sign that I’d grown up I just called him Pom rather than Pom-Pom; very grown up.

When I was a teenager I really liked Pom’s old Parachute bag from when he was in Royal Air Force during the Second World War, so I borrowed it/stole it to carry my stuff around as I thought it made me look really cool (the parachute had been removed).  Over the years the bag has slowly fallen apart and has been sat sadly broken and worn in my cupboard for some time now, so I was pleased to finally attempt to fix it.

As I’m writing this blog I’m starting to bore myself as I realise this might be my most dull post to date.  I was going to describe in length the whole process of restoring the bag, but I won’t as that would be even more tedious.  However, of all the things I’ve done so far on this year long journey into the unknown, this is probably one of my most rewarding as I’m very proud of my Pom and have always felt a bit sad looking at his damaged bag.

In Conclusion: repairing a bag my not be very exciting to read about, but getting stuff done that’s been on your To Do list can be surprisingly rewarding.  Now, does anybody know where I can buy a small rug and a lamp?

P.S. both my Nan and Pom are still very much alive and still very much in love – which is good.




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