…hosted a five minute theatre festival

Day 40Day Forty

I’m starting to get a little overwhelmed by my personal yearlong challenge to do something each day that I’ve never done before.  I feel I’ve slightly lost sight as to why I started doing this in the first place, which is possibly not a good position to be in with so many months ahead.  In fear of sounding too much like a hippy (not that there’s anything wrong with being a hippy, in fact I’d quite like to be one, although I’m not sure I’ve got the hair for it) I think I started doing this challenge in order to embrace life by taking a risk each day, rather than just sitting back waiting for life to embrace me – actually, I don’t sound like a hippy, I probably sound like a twat.

The main part of the challenge that’s currently overwhelming me, more than wondering why I’m doing it, is blogging about the experience.  I’ve got massively behind recording my daily adventure/task/challenge/thing and it’s starting to stress me out instead of actually helping me to embrace life (twat). In order to catch-up I will have to do a few blog entries that are short and to the point, starting now:

  • Day Forty
  • Invited to the Lost Theatre Five Minute Festive
  • Asked to host the evening of five minute theatre pieces
  • Got most the names of the acts wrong
  • Didn’t know what to say so just handed out biscuits to the audience
  • Had a lovely time



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