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…taken photos of celebrities on the red carpet

Day Forty-three

I managed to gain access to the red carpet area of the annual TV awards ceremony BBC Sports Personality of Year, which was very exciting.

Below is a portfolio of some of my work.  I think you will agree my photos of the rich and famous really show the celebrities in different light – mainly an overexposed, blurry and unrecognisable light.

day 43b

There’s a celebrity in the background, God knows who it is, but I’m definitely there.

Day 43c

I decided taking selfies would not help me capture a paparazzi worthy shot, unfortunately this time there’s a big bald head in the way.  I think this of some footballer, but I don’t know anything about football.  Everyone else seemed excited though.

Day 43d

This is one of the presenters.  I recognise her, but I can’t remember her name – I’m literary the worst Photographic Journalist ever!

Day 43

This was my best photo and it’s still rubbish, despite me being about two metres away (it’s Sir Bobby Charlton, but from my photo it could be any old man)

Day 43e

This is me.  I sneaked on to the red carpet after all the celebs had gone.  Luckily the women I asked to take the picture was equally as good at photography as myself – I think it really captures the evening.


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