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…drawn a self-portrait

Day 49bDay Forty-nine

It was strongly recommended by my school teacher that I do not sit GCSE Art as I was pretty much guaranteed to fail.  I remember in Art class, which we had less than once a week as my school felt it the easiest subject to cancel or move around, we were asked to bring in an object to draw.  I brought in a piece of broccoli.  At the end of class we were told to store our masterpieces and objects in the cupboard to continue in the next lesson. By the time we finally had Art period again my perishable vegetable was complete rotten and there were flies everywhere, I had to scrap the whole project off and start again – annoying!

I looked online for tips on how to make a self-portrait, but found nothing overly useful so just got on with it.  I set up a mirror so I could see my image and sat down with a piece of paper and the only pencil available in the house (I had so much stationary as a child, but as an adult I can’t find any).  As I stared at myself in the mirror for some time I freaked myself out a bit thinking ‘who is that, is that what I really look like?’ so I just began drawing.

As usual I got bored and lost my patience, so just settled on the picture below.  I’m actually quite scared of the man in the picture, I really hope it’s not me.

Day 49


P.S. If you do see the man above please call the police as I think he’s wanted for some gang related crimes in Eastern Europe.


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