…shopped at Trago Mills

Day 50bDay Fifty

I hate shopping, I always have and probably always will, unless I somehow find myself being enlightened by a shopaholic during this yearlong adventure.  I do love a gimmick, anything that’s a novelty or a bit quirky – stick a sparkler or a flashy light on something and I’m happy.  So a shopping centre disguised as a castle was just enough of a gimmick to entice me into my personal hell.

I was working in Devon with my friend Carolyn who told me about Trago Mills, the South West’s premier discount shopping outlet (their words, not mine).  We both had some Christmas shopping to do, which I love, and as I’d never been to the novelty shopping centre before we had to visit.

It was a bit like the mecca of shopping, all be it a very tacky mecca.  The shopping centre is so gimmicky it even has its own amusement park outside, complete with miniature train (not working).  I hate shopping so much I’d rather have stayed in the ‘fun’ park, designed mainly for young children, than attempt my Christmas shop.

The vast castle shaped shopping centre was certainly no Disney Princess’ Palace as it was old and falling apart.  Rather disappointingly the castle was just a façade, like a rundown Wild West film set, as inside it looked just like a huge warehouse.

I soon got bored aimless meandering around the aisles and after two hours of sheer boredom I managed to purchase zero Christmas gifts, however I did take a photo of this classy Nativity scene at front entrance.  I feel this really sums up the whole experience:

Day 50

In conclusion: This new experience certainly didn’t help me to develop as a person in anyway, but it did allow to reaffirm that I HATE SHOPPING.



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