…tried Reflexology

Day 29Day Twenty-nine

After my previous day’s unpleasant experience with an unnecessarily hot curry, I felt my body deserved some love.  A friend had suggested I tried Reflexology. I knew little about this type of ‘ology’ except that it involves having your feet poked a bit.

I, once again, turned to the Chinese community to help me.  Incidentally, I’m still taking the free and easy wandering pills the Chinese medicine man sold me on day sixteen and have noticed little change; if anything I’ve recently felt trapped and a bit uneasy.  I wasn’t sure where I could go for reflexology, but was sure the Chinese would have the answer.
I browsed around London’s Chinatown for a while to find the best price for my foot calming treatment, until eventually I entered a shop that offered Oriental medicine and massage.  It wasn’t until I was led downstairs to a little room, complete with a bed, that I suddenly feared it may not have been the type of massage service I was expecting – the words ‘happy ending’ played around in my mind.  The masseuse told me in broken English to take off my things and then she left the room.  I’d definitely asked for reflexology and was sure that meant foot massage, I took off my shoes and socks and lay on the bed hoping I was right.  The masseuse returned, dropped to her knees and started working on my feet – I was honesty relieved it wasn’t a ‘special massage’ as I certainly don’t have the money for that right now.

As the Chinese woman oiled up my feet for a good old poking, I wanted to find out more about reflexology so I asked her to explain it to me, unfortunately it seemed the only word she knew in English was “pain” which she kept repeating, I found this a little disconcerting so thought it best just to keep quiet.

When the session came to an end I left the shop with a limp, I felt a bit wonky, my feet were covered in slop and I was down £22.

To sum up: if you have a trained therapist I imagine Reflexology to be a very beneficial treatment, unfortunately I may possibly have visited a brothel by mistake; where they are a little less qualified.