…completed a Sudoku Puzzle

Day 54

Day Fifty-four

Apparently Sudoku has been around since 1895, when it first appeared in a Paris-based daily called La France, but it was not really an international hit until 2005 (This is not my knowledge, but from the completely accurate Wikipedia).  I remember when it first appeared on the back of newspapers and, like Crosswords, I simply thought sod that.

I’ve never been good at puzzles.  I don’t find them enjoyable and often ended up very angry, but I thought I’d give the number-placement challenge a go – reluctantly.

It took me an hour and a half to complete a 3×3 block grid, having never tackled a Sudoku before I had no idea how long it was meant to take, but I imagine that was far too long.  Each time I thought I was close to completing it, I got confused again.  When I finished I felt a slight tinge of satisfaction, but only because I knew I’d never have to do it again.

In Summary: Sudoku? No thank you!